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Pay Per Click


The pay per click model is one of the best way to advertise your business online. We specialise in getting you the right targeted traffic at the right time! It is so important to focus on ensuring you get the best value for each and every person that visits your website.

Bam Web Solutions specialise in creating the most responsive advertisements for your business. We have found that through our own experiences that most companies know that they advertise on the search engines but most of which are not sure where they appear.

Here at Bam we are completely transparent with our service, we provide every PPC customer a report at the end of each month showing our users exactly what they are achieving online also if you are a Google Analytics user we can set up unique URLs for your campaign proofing it success.

Everybody knows Google is the biggest search engine but this doesn’t mean that it gives you the best return on investment did you know that a click on Bing is 21% more likely to result in a sale of a product or service? This is why we focus on generating you business from all of the major search engines not just Google.

Not only do we know what we are doing but just to keep our clients peace of mind we also offer a months trial at a discounted rate so you can see the return before you are tied into for a longer period.


“We focus on generating you business from all of the major search engines not just Google.”

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Our Services Include

  • Campaign Management
  • Exposure across all the major search engines
  • Tailor Made Adverts
  • Dynamic adverts
  • Exposure on Mobile Searches
  • Effective Timed Campaigns  

We Can Include the Following Extensions:

Location ExtensionShows the address/location of your business
Call ExtensionShows your phone number on desktops. For mobile devices: gives the option to call you by pressing a button
Social ExtensionDisplays the number of people who have “+1′d” your page on Google+
Product ExtensionShows a range of products you are selling
Seller Rating ExtensionDisplays your “seller rating” in stars
Sitelink ExtensionShows up to 6 links to various categories of your site
Offer ExtensionDisplays a voucher
Newsletter Opt-In ExtensionGives the opportunity to subscribe to your email newsletter.